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Recommendations to run in warm weather conditions

08 April 2017


Make sure that you drink about 250-500 ml of fluids - preferably water – extra in the last couple of days before your race to make sure you are fully hydrated. You can check if you drink enough by the colour of your urine (white).

Don’t dress up too warm, wear clothes hat ventilate and try to avoid dark clothes. It could be useful to take a hat with you to protect your head and face from the sun.

Sun block
We recommend to use sun block to protect your skin from the sun. Especially your face.


Always listen to your body
Adjust your pace if you notice that things are more difficult than the goal you had set yourself prior. In this case, do not try to blindly achieve your goal but listen to your body. This applies to every runner, including to very well-trained runners. With higher temperatures your heartbeat can be higher by 5-15 beats per minute, which cost energy. Ensure that you limit your risk of injuries, dehydration and heat stroke.

Use of drinking stations!
We recommend that you take a drink at every drinking station. There are also sponge stations for cooling down. Use both the drinking stations (for drinking) and the sponge stations (to cool yourself).


Posts: 12.5K- 17.5K- 22.5K- 27.5K- 37.5K

Use the sponge station to cool down your body. You can use the cooling on your neck, face and wrists. 2.5 K further down the road you can use the care station to drink. Every station is indicated 200 m and 100 m in advance by yellow signs that are placed on the right side of the road.


Posts: 5K- 10K- 15K- 20K- 25K- 25K- 30K- 35K- 40K - finish

Every 5K there is a drinking post for drinking. Every care station along the route has water and AA Drink Iso-Lemon or AA Drink Iso Tone. This station is clearly recognizable and consists of several stalls. Every station is indicated 200 m and 100 m in advance by yellow signs that are placed on the right side of the road. Use the very first drinking station and don't wait until you are thirsty.

Tea will also be offered after the finish and a bottle of AA Drink Iso Tone. Water will be offered by means of the unique Smart Drinking System. With this method you receive a drinking cup (200 ml - 250 ml) and a sponge with an opening, with the sponge functioning as a lid. In this way you can take in the correct (measured) amount of fluids and keep running to finish drinking your cup without spilling water. Then you can use the sponge for cooling yourself down. Each care station is equipped with this drinking system. If needed, you can also grab two drinking cups. Drink enough, but not too much!

You can also take along water in a water bottle or wear a water belt. Or you can ask any supporters to bring along additional water. 

Extra energy point at 32.5K

At the 32.5K mark there is an energy point where the AA Drink Energy Gel is offered. There is also water available here.


Settle down and make sure that you relax and restore your fluid balance. Water, AA Drink Iso-Lemon, tea and bananas will be available.

Put on something dry once you've finished. Walking around in wet clothing too long does not feel good and don’t forget to enjoy your victory!

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