NN Marathon Rotterdam

NN Marathon Rotterdam 2017 was a huge success. Entries for 2018 will be open soon. During the NN Marathon Rotterdam it will be possible to participate in various distances.


Marathon 1

NN Marathon Rotterdam 

Last year the NN Marathon Rotterdam was the largest one-day event in the Netherlands. The event remains undiminished in popularity year on year.

  • Distance: 42.195K
  • Minimum age: 20 years
Kwart 1

1/4 Marathon Rotterdam 

The 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam runs through the heart of Rotterdam and finishes on the bustling Coolsingel. It's to most popular distance.

  • Distance: 10.55K
  • Minimum age: 14 years
Mini 1

AD City Run Rotterdam

The AD City Run Rotterdam is a classic city run through Rotterdam. The start and finish are both on the famous Coolsingel, just like the Marathon.

  • Distance: 4.2K
  • Minimum age: 12 years
Kids 1

NN Kids Runs

One day prior to the NN Marathon Rotterdam, we organise NN Kids Runs especially for young sports lovers from across the country. You can choose from 2 distances.

  • Distances: 1K and 2.5K
  • Ages: from 7 years


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