NN Kids Runs

One day prior to the NN Marathon Rotterdam, we organise NN Kids Runs especially for young sports lovers from across the country. You can choose from 2 distances in the NN Kids Runs and you can run on a part of the real NN Marathon Rotterdam course; who wouldn’t want to do that?!

Kids Runs

Entering for this event is not possible anymore. 


Participants of the NN Kids Runs will be devided into age categories. Each categorie has its own starting pen.

NN Kids Runs 1K

NN Kids Runs 2,5K

7-8 years 10-11-12 years
9-10 years 13-14-15 years
11-12 years  

Your registration includes

  • Medal
  • Digital review magazine

Extra options

  • € 5,00 on registration and € 6,50 on the day itself
  • € 5,00 / € 10,00 / € 15,00 / € 25,00



Once you are registered, we will collect the amount you owe as a one-off payment. You will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation. So please ensure that your e-mail address is entered correctly.

Video NN Kids Runs and AD Mini Marathon 2015

Video NN Kids Runs and AD Mini Marathon 2015.

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