The Marathon church service

The Marathon church service is a devine service that is held on the evening prior to the NN Marathon Rotterdam and is intented for both runners and supporters. Inspiration of comparable services in Berlijn and New York led to this service being brought to Rotterdam in 2006.

The church service is accessible for everyone, but it is aimed in particular at runners and their supporters. It lasts approximately one hour. There is a prayer and a there will be easy to hear songs. The participating choir is Chorus Hemelsbreed directed by Willem Blonk. The sermon is a reflection on the great course of the next day. During that reflection, people look in the mirror; both that of the Bible and that of the Marathon itself. The service is internationally oriented, so that foreign participants can follow the service ass well.

The service is led by pastors Gerda Martens and Guus Koelman.

There will be an opportunity to drink some coffee, tea or soft drinks afterwards. This will be thé gathering place to exchange expectations  and running experiences. This service can ofcourse not be missed as a real good preperation!

Date: Saturday, April 13th, 2024
Time: 19.00h – 20.00h: possibility to have a chat afterwards
Location: Citychurch Het Steiger, Hang 18, Rotterdam