Marathon Sport Expo

Marathon Sport Expo

The Expo offers anything in the field of runnig and lifestyle for both professional runners and recreational runners, man or woman. The latest innovations, branded products, information, clothing, shoes, nourishment, health care, gadgets, and entertainment for men, children en especially woman.

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Customer Care

NN Marathon Rotterdam, AA Drink 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam and AD City Run Rotterdam participants can collect their bib number here on presentation of their printed confirmation of entry.



Contact the Helpdesk during the marathon weekend if you have questions about your confirmation of entry, bib number, course, travel info, etc. For general questions, please contact the Information Desk.

Pasta party

The Pasta Party takes place on the Saturday before the marathon. You can enjoy a delicious, all-you-can-eat pasta buffet here. Use the registration form to order your tickets.