The five pillars of the HOKA difference

1. Cushion midsole

Marshmallow softness

Ultralight and endlessly cushioned, HOKA midsoles offer shock absorption, comfort and support in varying degrees of thickness.

2. Meta-rocker

The wheels to move you forward

Designed to drive runners forward, Meta-Rocker geometry complements the natural gait cycle and reduces the height differential between heel and toe. 

3. Active foot frame

The bucketseat

The Active Foot Frame functions like the bucket seat in a race car, cradling the heel and embedding the foot securely into the midsole.

4. Profly™

Intelligent cushioning

A two-part midsole that delivers a cushioned landing and responsive toe-off, PROFLY™ provides a uniquely soft and snappy ride.

5. Carbon fiber plate

Aggressive propulsion

Designed to provide a propulsive ride, the carbon fibre plate curls under toes to deliver a smooth transition through the gait cycle.

The NN Marathon Rotterdam is rescheduled to the 23th and 24th of October 2021

We would like to celebrate our anniversary edition in the grand and festive way for which we are known worldwide. The chance that the event can take place safely is much greater in October than in April. Public health always comes first. Every individually registered runner will be able to keep their place in the rescheduled event as previously communicated.

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