SUPPLY AND DEMAND PLATFORM (temporarily out of use)

NN Marathon Rotterdam – 23th and 24th October, 2021

Pay attention! The supply and demand platform is temporarily out of use. We have determined that fraudsters are active on our platform. We are currently working on solving this problem. If you are in contact with someone about taking over a start number and you have doubts, please contact us. Have you placed an ad? Your ad will be visible again when the platform can be used again.

Welcome to the supply and demand platform of the NN Marathon Rotterdam. We offer all individually registered participants the opportunity to transfer their bib number for the 40th edition free of charge. If you cannot or do not want to participate, place your ad on this page. If you are looking for a bib number you can check if there is an ad that meets your needs.

The NN Marathon Rotterdam is rescheduled to the 23th and 24th of October 2021

We would like to celebrate our anniversary edition in the grand and festive way for which we are known worldwide. The chance that the event can take place safely is much greater in October than in April. Public health always comes first. Every individually registered runner will be able to keep their place in the rescheduled event as previously communicated.

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