Wasihun – Feleke – Korir – Kipserem – Talam - Kirwa
Ethiopian participant Mule Wasihun last year completed a marathon in 2:05:39, which was one of the top-10 fastest times in the world. He finished second in the Dubai Marathon. Although Wasihun is young (24), he is an experienced runner of major international marathons.

His compatriot Getu Feleke is a familiar face. His razor-sharp personal best, 2:04:50, was run in Rotterdam, and he has medalled at several major marathons. Feleke is currently on excellent form. 

Laban Korir (personal best: 2:05:54) finished third at last year’s NN Rotterdam Marathon and intends to give it his all to repeat that feat in this year’s edition. Previously, Korir won the Toronto Waterfront Marathon and came second at the Paris Marathon.

Marius Kipserem, whose personal best is 2:06:11, was the surprise winner of the 36th edition of the Rotterdam Marathon, running a personal best in the process. He can expect some stiff competition from Festus Talam (2:06:13) and Felix Kirwa (2:06:12). Talam won last year’s Eindhoven Marathon, beating Kirwa in the home straight, which means both runners may pose a threat to the favourites.  

The big names will be able to count on several excellent pacers, such as Dominic Kiptarus, Wilfred Kimeli and Kenneth Keter. 

The top-tier runners contracted so far (name, country, age, personal best, year and city in which personal best was run).

Getu Feleke (ETH) 31 2.04.50 2012 Rotterdam
Mule Wasihun (ETH) 24 2.05.39 2017 Amsterdam
Laban Korir (KEN) 31 2.06.05 2011 Amsterdam
Marius Kipserem (KEN) 29 2.06.11 2016 Rotterdam
Festus Talam (KEN) 23 2.06.13 2017 Eindhoven
Felix Kirwa (KEN) 23 2.06.13 2017 Eindhoven
Kelkile Gezahegn (ETH)   2.05.56 2017 Frankfurt
Vincent Rono (KEN)       DEBUT
Kenneth Kipkemoi (KEN)       DEBUT
Dominc Kiptarus        PACE
Wilfred Kimeli       PACE
Kenneth Peter       PACE
Khalid Choukoud (NED) 31 2.10.52 2014 Rotterdam
Edwin de Vries (NED) 25 2.19.36 2017 Amsterdam
Edwin Slijkhuis (NED)       DEBUT