3) Zuiderparkweg – Slinge (15 km)
Metro: Slinge
At this beautiful point at Zuid, next to the metro station, you can see the runners pass by twice. It’s busy, with a great atmosphere and a cacophony of sounds.

4) Boezemstraat (31 and 39 km)
Metro: Oostplein
A folk festival from the past. It is not just this street, but it also the whole Kralingen/Crooswijk part that gives this marathon it’s typical Rotterdam character.

5) Boszoom – Kralingseweg (35 km)
Metro: Kralingse Zoom
In this street there are video screens with videos from family or friends for the runners. Runners are having a hard time, but they are glad that they have made it past the Kralingse Bos.

6) Kralingse Plaslaan (37 km)
Metro: Voorschoterlaan

If you are looking for a great atmosphere, this is the place to be. Glasses of sherry are already popped open in the morning. When it is sunny, benches are put up outside and the volume is turned up. Party time!

7) Churchillplein, Westblaak corner (last 500 meters)
Metro: Beurs
On the Churchillplein, on the Westblaak corner, you get a great view of the race. The marathon runners pass by here three times. Here you can see what a marathon does to someone. From suspense and euphoria to suffering extreme pain.

8) Coolsingel (42.195 km)
Metro: Stadhuis
The moment when the heroes are worn out hours later but turn around on the Coolsingel feeling fulfilled. It’s magical.