Age limits

For the age limits, the age on the day of the event applies.

  • NN Marathon Rotterdam: 20 years
  • 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam: 14 years
  • AD City Run Rotterdam: 12 years
  • NN Kids Run 2,5 km: 10-15 years
  • NN Kids Run 1 km: 7-12 years
Athletes hotel

Hilton Rotterdam Hotel

Weena 10
3012 CM 


Award ceremony

There will be an award ceremony for every distance of the NN Marathon Rotterdam, from M35 and higher. 

Bib number

Your bib number will not be sent to you. You can only pick up your bib number upon presentation of your printed unique Confirmation of Entry (that you have received via email) at the race secretariat at the Marathon Sport Expo.

Participants in the NN Marathon Rotterdam receive two bib numbers. One bib number must be affixed to your chest and be clearly visible. The second bib number should be attached to your back. You will be provided with safety pins with which to attach the bib numbers.

For the 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam and AD City Run Rotterdam participants receive one bib number which should be attached to your chest and be clearly visible.

Fill in your medical details on the reverse of the bib number that you will wear on your chest. This is very important as the information will help the organisers provide appropriate help in case of an emergency.

Business Runs

During the NN Marathon Rotterdam a separate competition is organised for Dutch companies; the Business Runs! Constituting the Business Relay Marathon and the Business Duo Marathon.


For more information about cancellation, please read the general conditions. If you want to cancel your participation? Please fill out the contact form on our website.


NN Marathon Rotterdam

The age category you are allocated to for the marathon will be determined by your age on the day of the event.

MSR 20 - 34
M35 35 - 39
M40 40 - 44
M45 45 - 49
M50 50 - 54
M55 55 - 59
M60 60 - 64
M65 65 - 69
M70 70 and older
VSR 20 - 34
V35 35 - 39
V40 40 - 44
V45 45 - 49
V50 50 - 54
V55 55 - 59
V60 60 - 64
V65 65 en ouder

Just as in previous years, there are monetary prizes for the first three men and women of each age category.

Other distances
There are no age categories for the AD Mini Marathon and the 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam. These runs are only subdivided into men and women. Only first prizes are awarded for these distances.


The NN Marathon Rotterdam good cause is Jeugdsportfonds (Youth Sports Fund).

Changes to entry

For more information about changes to your entry, please read the general conditions. Do you want to update your personal information or order a product? Please re-enter your details by using my portal.

Changing facilities

On Sunday April 8th there will be limited access to changing facilities for participants of the NN Marathon Rotterdam and the 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam. You can leave your bags (without valuable belongings) here at your own risk.These facilities are accessible for participants only and only if you have marked 'changing facilities' in your registration form (€ 1,00) and upon presentation of your bib number. We will check this at the entrance.

On Saturday April 7th there are no changing facilities.

Church service

The Marathon Church Service is held on the eve of NN Marathon Rotterdam. It is intended for both the runners and their supporters. Inspired by similar services in Berlin, London and New York, in 2006 it was also introduced in Rotterdam.

Admission to this friendly, accessible church service is free, and it lasts approximately one hour. The attendees join each other in prayer and sing a number of engaging songs, following the lead of a swinging gospel choir. The ‘sermon’ reflects on tomorrow’s big run. During the service, the attendees are asked to use both the Bible and the Marathon as mirrors for their own lives.

There will be a collection when the attendees leave the church. The proceeds will be given to the Jeugdsportfonds (‘Youth Sports Fund’), the charity selected for the sponsor donations in this edition of the NN Marathon Rotterdam. After this, the runners will be sent on their way with a traditional ‘Irish Blessing’.

After the service, attendees also have an opportunity to meet and talk over coffee, tea or soft drinks. It’s a wonderful occasion to get to know one another and exchange expectations and running experiences. In other words, for truly comprehensive preparations, this service is not to be missed!



Saturday April 7th


19.00 – 20.00 uur


Citykerk Het Steiger, Hang 18, Rotterdam


We advise you to arrive at the start in your running clothes. Clothing left at the start is not kept and can therefore not be claimed as lost property.

Confirmation of entry

For the distances NN Marathon Rotterdam, 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam and AD City Run Rotterdam we will send the Confirmation of Entry via email. You need this Confirmation of Entry to collect your bib number at the Marathon Sport Expo. Please read the information carefully. 

Collecting your bib number

You can only pick up your bib number upon presentation of this printed unique Confirmation of Entry at the race secretariat at the Marathon Sport Expo. At the tables with the bib numbers you’ll find signs with series of numbers, so you can quickly find where to pick up your bib number. In exchange of your printed confirmation of entry your bib number will be handed over by one of our our associates. We kindly ask you not to search for your bib number by yourself, but to wait untill one of our associates helps you. 

When you haven't received your Confirmation of Entry

We will send the Confirmations of Entry in several stages. This has to do with amendments, transfers and different moments of registration. Please be patient as we will send the Confirmations of Entry through the whole month of March.

It is possible our mail will end up in your spam box. Please check that box as well. If you haven't received our mail, or you have been unsubcribed from our mailing list, you can get a copy of the Confirmation of Entry at the race secretariat (counter “Copy confirmation of entry”).

Opening times race secretariat  

  • Friday April 6th: 10 AM - 08 PM
  • Saturday April 7th: 10 AM - 08 PM
  • Sunday April 8th: 07 AM - 10 AM

Start waves and starting pens

Your start wave and starting pen are printed on your bib number. The NN Marathon Rotterdam starts in five waves. The 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam in three waves. The waves will follow immediately one after another. Please make sure you are in your starting pen at least 15 minutes before the start. The AD City Run Rotterdam starts in one wave.

NN Marathon Rotterdam

1/4 Marathon Rotterdam

AD City Run Rotterdam

Bib number (a 'F' before the number means female)

Bib number

Bib number














Click here for the course maps.

Coach number

Participants at the NN Kids Runs 1K will have the opportunity to order a extra coachnumber via the online registration form

Customer Care

You can collect your starting number here on presentation of your starting permit. NN Marathon Rotterdam participants also receive a participant bag and shirt.

Customer Care opening times:

  • Friday April 6th: 10.00 - 20.00 hrs
  • Saturday April 7th: 10.00 - 20.00 hrs
  • Sunday April 8th: 07.00 - 10.00 hrs

This is also where you find the Marathon Sport Expo. Questions about your entry? Go to the Helpdesk.


Saturday 7 april 2018

  • NN Kids Runs
  • AD City Run Rotterdam

Sunday 8 april 2018

  • NN Marathon Rotterdam
  • 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam
  • Business Runs
Digital magazine

You will experience the marathon weekend as being one big party. Click here for a preview of this fantastic marathon. After the event, you'll a digital magazine to review the marathon weekend. In this magazine you can find an epilogue of our managing director, our aftermovie, an atmosphere report and many, many pictures!

Entry deadline

The entry closes as soon as the registration limit has been reached; first come, first served. Note! All previous Marathons Rotterdam were fully subscribed very early on.


The finish is in front of the Stadhuis (town hall) on Coolsingel. After passing the finish line, you will be asked to carry on running to ensure that the stream of runners can flow smoothly. So do follow the organiser’s instructions strictly at the finish.

Depending on the temperature, at the care area after finish you will receive a plastic sheet, your medal and further care. There are tents in which you can obtain water, AA Drink Iso-Lemon, bananas and tea. The cordoned area behind the finish is only accessible for participants and organizers, and not for spectators or supporters.

Finish certificate

Every finisher will receive a free personal online finish certificate, a free personal finish photo and a free online watchtable finish video.

Fluids and nutrition

All care stands along the course provide sports drinks and water. After the finish, you will also be offered tea. To avoid gastrointestinal complaints, no fruit is provided at the care stands on the course. After the finish, you will be offered bananas. 

There are aid stations every 5 km along the route. Every aid station has water and AA Drink Iso-Lemon. Every station is signposted 200 m and 100 m in advance by means of yellow signs on the right-hand side of the road. Water is distributed via the unique drinking system Smart Drinking.

Running safely and responsibly

Not replacing fluids lost through sweating during endurance sports can lead to loss of performance. Not drinking sufficiently can ultimately lead to medical problems.

Many athletes appear not to know that not only not drinking enough but also drinking too much endangers their health. Keeping the correct level of fluids and salts in the body is very important.

When you run your body loses fluids and salts via your sweat through the skin and via your breath. These processes ensure your remain cool and that your body temperature is kept stable. Not replacing the correct amount of fluids on time can lead to dehydration (drinking too little) and hyponatremia (drinking too much and having too little sodium). This can affect your performance, your psyche and your physical state. The correct level of fluids and sodium in the body is an individual matter and is dependant on the environmental conditions (the weather), they type and intensity of the activity (speed) and personal factors such as level of training, body weight and clothing you wear.

Athletes have a personal responsibility in this. Drinking the correct amount is a combination of knowing your body's needs and the way you drink while running.


Run with pleasure

The way drinks are served to athletes (drink stands system) contributes greatly to how pleasant your running experience is.

The drink distribution system must allow you to drink the correct amount with ease and without interrupting your pace, irrespective of the speed you are running at. Spillages and not knowing exactly how much you have drunk do not add to running pleasure.

The patented drink system that Marathon Rotterdam have developed in association with the industrial department of TU Delft, rightfully deserves the name:


Running safe, while enjoying the race

General conditions

Click here for the general conditions.


Starting your race well rested on Sunday the 8th of April 2017? Take is easy and spend a weekend in Rotterdam! Rotterdam.info provides a good overview of trendy hostels, luxury hotels and everything in between: there is a suitable options for everyone’s taste and budget.

Information desk

During the event weekend, the Marathon Sport Expo is the place to find answers to all your questions. Here you will find the race secretariat, an information desk and different running stands.


Marathon-photos.com is appointed as the official photographers of the Rotterdam Marathon. All participants will be photographed on different places along the course and off course on the finish. So make sure your bib number is visible and smile to our camera.

Marathon Sport Expo

The 38th Marathon Sport Expo takes place on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th of April. The free exhibition forms the pulsating heart of the NN Marathon Rotterdam. As in previous years, the Marathon Sport Expo takes place in the Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam in the very heart of Rotterdam. You can also contact the race secretariat here on Sunday morning 8th April for your starting permit or to ask questions about your participation. 


After crossing the finish line, all participants will receive a medal as a souvenir of the event. You can also have your medal engraved with your name and finishing time. After the event, you can view your personal finish video and photos and download a certificate.

Medal engraving

Have your medal engraved immediately after you finish! If you’d like this, tick the ‘engrave medal’ box on the registration form. On Saturday this costs € 5.00 for the AD City Run Rotterdam and the NN Kids Runs and costs € 6.50 on Sunday for the 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam and NN Marathon Rotterdam.

If you didn’t indicate this in advance during registration, you can have your medal engraved afterwards, but it will then cost € 8.00 for the NN Marathon Rotterdam and ¼ Marathon Rotterdam. The AD Mini Marathon and NN Kids Runs will then cost € 6.50.

Medical care

There are aid stations every 5K along the route. Every aid station has water and AA Drink Iso-Lemon. Every station is signposted 200 m and 100 m in advance by means of yellow signs on the right-hand side of the road. Water is distributed via the unique drinking system Smart Drinking.

Medical check-up

Read this information well!

Advice for the preparation and before the run:

1. If you have issues with your health, which results in high risk of heart / vascular disease, such as overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, earlier occurrences of heart /vascular disease, or it is prevalent in your family, or if you have injuries, we advise you to get yourself checked out by a sports medical specialist. In the Netherlands, that would be the Sport Medisch Adviesbureau (S.M.A.) or a sports policlinic. On the website www.sportzorg.nl you will find more information on check-ups, testing methods and a questionnaire (incl. A cardio vascular questionnaire) that you can fill in. After filling in the questionnaire you can determine whether it makes sense to have a cardio vascular check-up.

2. Clothing and weather:

  • Above 15 degrees and especially 20 degrees you must wear light ventilating clothing. Otherwise the body can't dispel the heat causing it to build up. (do not wear cotton; it retains moisture)
  • A thermal vest is best on the skin in cold weather (5 degrees and for slow runners 10 degrees). Wear a thin ventilated layer (no nylon) on top. A hat is recommended in wind and low wind chill factor.
  • Tie your laces well (dubble loop) and make sure they don't become loose during the race.

Note: The slower you run the more clothing you will need (except at around 20 degrees).  The body cools down quickly when walking.  The wind chill factor is determined by the wind and humidity.  For example: When the temperature is +10°C with average wind (wind-force 5) it will feel like +4.  However, if it is 5°C with average wind, it will feel like -4°C. In Rotterdam the afternoon temperature often falls by 5 or 6°C, which means among the slower runners we often see cold runners.

3. Make a training plan. This will of course depend on the event you are taking part in.

4. Run only on well-worn shoes (never new!) and socks and keep an eye on the road surface during your training. Change from left to right while running and go off road whenever possible. Please don't wear brand new shoes and socks for the race.

5. If you have or have had high temperature (>39o) in the week preceding the event, do not run.

Advice for directly before and after the run

1. How much you drink is dependent on the weather and how much you transpire (this is very personal). Drink up to 45 minutes before the start. The stop drinking and go to the toilet. Take a bottle (ca. 300 ml) with you to the starting pen and drink all of it 5-10 minutes before the start. This way you'll avoid having to go to the toilet during the race. Feeling thirsty is never a good measure. If you are not used to drinking, only drink water (100-200 ml) every 15 minutes. Drinks containing carbohydrates are also suitable. Make sure you consume about 70 grams of carbohydrates during the entire race. Bottles with measured amounts of sports drinks (that you carry with you in your belt) can help. If the weather is cool or if you are not a fast runner, consume energy drinks rather than solid food or fruit. The latter stays too long in the stomach. Remember: the difference in your weight before and after the race of 1 kg or more is the amount of liquid you have drunk too little. Try this out when you are training.
Click here for more information about drinking, individual liquid requirements and the drinking system during the ABN AMRO Marathon Rotterdam.

2. Listen to your body! If you don't feel well, stop running. The first signs of dehydration are: goose pimples on your chest and upper arms, shivers, pressure in the head, dizziness, later muscle cramp, vomiting and dry skin. These symptoms can quickly lead to disorientation and confusion. If you have experienced dehydration and/or high temperature then there is a high probability that you will experience it again, especially in warm weather. Do not run; there is no shame in dropping out!

3. If you have calf cramps run slowly or walk, do light stretches; don't stop but drink extra! Look out for dehydration.

4. Start slowly. Check your pace, every kilometre too fast at the beginning of the race can mean the loss of minutes per kilometre at the end of the race. Run at your own pace; avoid increasing your tempo or sprinting in the final kilometres.

5. STOP if you experience chest pain, abnormal shortness of breath or dizziness.

6. Keep an eye on the road surface and other situations around you.

7. Apply Vaseline to your nipples, thighs and other areas likely to chafe.

8. You are expected to carry medical information relating to illnesses (e.g. diabetes, medicines) with you -preferably written on the reverse of your bib number. Write also the telephone number of a person who can be contacted during the race. Also write your name, address and telephone number on the reverse of your bib number.

Advice for after the run

1.Drink a lot and warm down or cool down (depending on what you call it). Drink first and then eat a light meal (bread banana etc.)

2. Also in the days that follow walk regularly and drink more also consume more carbohydrates. Give yourself enough time to recover!

3. If the weather is cold, change your clothing immediately after the race and drink thee or broth. Do not drink any alcohol or coffee.

4. Directly after the finish it is sensible to drink lots and to consume enough carbohydrates. This will help you replenish the liquids and energy lost during the race. Recommended are sports drinks with carbohydrates, lots of water (>1/2 litre) and ripe bananas.

Urgent questions just before the race

If despite preparing well and reading the medical information you still have urgent questions, on the day before a running event, relating to training, injuries, nutrition etc. Please contact your local doctor.

We wish you all the best with your preparation!

The Medical Committee Marathon Rotterdam
J.M. van Ochten, arts

New Balance functional shirt

All runners at the NN Marathon Rotterdam will receive a functional New Balance running shirt. 


Mannen Vrouwen

NN Kids Runs

The NN Kids Runs will be held on Saturday April 7th. 


Pacers zijn tempomakers die een constante snelheid gedurende de race kunnen lopen. Je kunt deze zeer ervaren hardlopers volgen om zo zelf een constant tempo te lopen. Lees meer om je gratis aan te melden.

Pasta Party

The Pasta Party takes place in the Postillon Convention Centre WTC on Saturday 7 April. You can enjoy a delicious, all-you-can-eat pasta buffet here for € 18,00 during your enrollment. 


Your training sessions will become a regular part of your weekly schedule and you’ll find out that it can be fun to share your routes on social media, for example! 

We also provide a professional training platform powered by My Energy Lab. This online training platform will help you to achieve your goal in a responsible and safe way. When you register, you can also add the 8 to 24 week schedule for EUR 5 (the normal price is EUR 1 per week) to your entry.


View the complete NN Marathon Rotterdam program here.

Race regulations

Atletiekunie and IAAF race regulations apply to our event.


The registration is now open for:

  • NN Marathon Rotterdam 
  • 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam - sold out
  • AD Mini Marathon 
  • Business Runs 
  • NN Kids Runs

The results of the NN Marathon Rotterdam will be posted on the website on the day of the event. The gross time is the official time.

Starting pen

NN Marathon Rotterdam

After entering your personal data the sytem will check within a few seconds if we have found a best marathon time of you (after April 1, 2016) which entitles you to starting pen A, B, or C.

  • For starting pen A:  < 2. 30 hrs.
  • For starting pen B: between 2.30 hrs. and 2.45 hrs.
  • For starting pen C:  between 2.45 hrs. and 3.00 hrs.

If applicable, starting pen A, B or C will be displayed (with your best marathon time and location behind this) automatically. Don’t forget to tick this box.

If starting pen A, B or C is not displayed and you think that you will be eligible for this, you should submit e-mail evidence of the best marathon time that you ran.

You always have to enter your expected finish time (between 2.20 hrs. and 5.30 hrs) even if you are eligible for starting pen A, B or C. 

1/4 Marathon Rotterdam
After entering your personal data the sytem will check within a few seconds if we have found a best 10K time of you (after April 1, 2015) which entitles you to starting pen A ( < 0.45 hrs).

If applicable, starting pen A will be displayed (with your best 10K time and location behind this) automatically. Don’t forget to tick this box.

If starting pen A is not displayed and you think that you will be eligible for this, you should submit e-mail evidence of the best 10K time that you ran.

You always have to enter your expected finish time (between 0.30 hrs. and 1.30 hrs) even if you are eligible for starting pen A.

Student discount

Students get a discount when participating in the NN Marathon Rotterdam. The discount is €5,- for the NN Marathon Rotterdam and € 2,50 for 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam and the AD City Run Rotterdam.

Conditions Student Runs

  • As a student, you are enrolled in full-time study at a Dutch university or a Dutch Higher Education institution, at least one year prior to the event.
  • You are between 16 en 30 years old on the day of the event.
  • When picking up your bib number, we ask you to show your student ID card.


Time limits
  • NN Marathon Rotterdam, 5 hours and 30 minutes
  • 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam, 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • AD City Run Rotterdam, 45 minutes

Participants finishing after the deadlines will no longer be included in the competition results.

Time registration

The MYLAPS BibTag system will be used to register your time in all divisions of the Marathon Rotterdam. Behind your running number (Bib) there is an electronic chip (Tag) and a plastic spacer. BibTag makes it very simple to register your times; the only thing you need to do is wear your race bib correctly.

Tips to guarantee good time-keeping

  • Make sure that your running number is displayed clearly on your chest. Do not cover it with a jacket or your hands when crossing the mats at the starting and finishing line. These mats pick up the signal from your BibTag. (Also be careful with operating your own stopwatch at the starting and finishing line).
  • Do not fold or crease your race bib. Certainly not where the Tag is located.
  • Use four pins at the corners of the bib, making sure that you do not pierce the Tag.
  • Do not remove the plastic spacer.
  • The BibTag uses different technology from the MYLAPS ChampionChip. This means that you cannot use your yellow or green MYLAPS ChampionChip during this event. However, you may leave your MYLAPS ChampionChip on your shoe, as this will not interfere with the BibTag system.
  • The Tags do not need to be collected after the race, so you can keep the bib (with Tag) as a souvenir or simply throw it away with normal waste (plastic).

What is the official time?
The gross time is the official time. This starts as soon as the starting shot has been fired and stops as soon as you cross the finish. The net time is the time that starts as soon as you cross the mat at the starting line and stops when you cross the finish. This net time is announced as an extra service.

The MYLAPS BibTag system will be used to register your time in all divisions of the Marathon Rotterdam. Behind your running number there is an electronic chip. Make sure that your running number is displayed clearly on your chest. Do not cover your running number with a jacket or your hands when crossing the mats at the starting and finishing line. And do not operate your own stopwatch, in the vicinity of your race bib.


Toilets can be found in the changing facilities, at the start and along the course.


It will not be possible to warm up on the course. Follow the instructions of the organisers. It is possible though, to warm up off the course.