How does Jeugdsportfonds work?

To help a child being able to attend sports lessons, an amount of € 225 per child per year is needed. This amount is paid directly to the sports club. On a yearly basis, this is how Jeugdsportfonds gives over 4500 children in Rotterdam their opportunity to join a sports club.

The strength of Jeugdsportfonds is in the simplicity of the system. Only so called intermediaries can apply for the contribution of a child. These intermediaries are professionally involved in child education, child care, health care or debt services. When parents want their child to have support from the Jeugdsportfonds, they have to contact an intermediary.


Future Matters is the overarching Community Investment programme for NN. The focus is on developing relevant skills so youngsters can be more self-reliant and empowered to secure their financial future. We aim to create economic opportunities and support families whose children grow up in difficult financial circumstances.

Our cooperation with Jeugdsportfonds fits seamlessly with Future Matters. Sport connects and helps develop relevant skills, thereby increasing overall opportunities in life. NN wishes to help children gain these opportunities while at the same time bringing the goal of Jeugdsportfonds  - that ‘all children should be able to play sports’  - closer.